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Smart Tech You Just Need To Get In 2022


There are plenty of great tech launched throughout the whole of 2022, some of it has released while some we are highly anticipating with excitement. We thought we would give you an insight on the tech that we feel must not miss during this year.

Smartmi Fan 3

Smartmi Fan 3 photo from the Smartmi website


Now, summer is here, and We are looking toward finding a good fan to keep us cool. The Smartmi Fan 3 has smart features that are compatible with the Xiaomi Home app. The app controls its Oscillation Angle, Child Lock, Wind Level, and Timer. The AI Voice Control further enhances smart functions with Google Assistant compatibility. However, it also includes a Bluetooth remote control if you would prefer an arrangement of control options depending on your personal circumstances. 

Let's take a look into the features that make it standout. The Smartmi Dynamic Algorithm provides an intricate and randomized airflow enhanced with 7 forward sweeping fan blades. It is built to mimic the soft sensation of natural breeze with the advantage of being cordless with a built-in battery. Such system allows the fan to run for upto 20 hours before you plug the cable. It is perfect for those who need the flexibility of keeping a room cool without a nearby power outlet. . 

Hauschen Home Spectro Smart Mirror

(Photo of the LED mirror, with the white LED light on. From Hauschen Home Website)

With many smart devices in the bathroom, the mirror is something that should not be ignored. The Spectro Smart Mirror solves a few problems with mirrors found in bathrooms. The anti-fog control keeps the mirror available at all times, even after hot water and steam would have clouded a traditional mirror. The mirror features LED lights that can be controlled by a smartphone to switch on or off. You can adjust the brightness to your personal preference and requirements, even with the ability to change it by percentage. You can use all these features through voice-command on Alexa and Google Home.


Google Nest Hub Max

(Google Nest Hub Max on a kitchen table, photo from Google official store)

The Google Nest Hub Max acts as a key part of your smart home to complement your busy lifestyle. It has a 10-inch touchscreen HD display prominent on the device, giving easy navigation with a personalized home screen. It has a wide range of features to take advantage of, including family notes, to-do lists, and messages to keep everyone around the house informed. It also pops up recipes for step-by-step instructions. It also shows other information such as cooking times or measurements. It can even make reservations to your favorite restaurant. You no longer need to switch between apps to manage all your compatible home devices such as thermostats or lights from its dashboard (or with voice command). Connecting them to the google assistant ecosystem, will get you help from Google Assistant. You can also have fun displaying your photos with Google Photos by giving a voice command for the photos you want; or leaving the Nest Hub Max to automatically sense the room to display photos that will blend in perfectly.

The Nest Hub Max has a built-in camera that can check live views, giving motion/sound alerts, continuous video recording, and familiar face alerts on your phone with a Nest Aware subscription. Making video calls is easier than ever on it via Google Duo, Google Meet, and Zoom Video Calls. It is also compatible with Google Calendar and Google Assistant. It  can also watch your movies and tv shows thanks to its compatibility with entertainment services on Nest Hub displays. You will enjoy all your favorite music from your favorite music apps, live radio. If you prefer to be informed, you can listen to the news, podcasts, and audiobooks from premium stereo speakers. We describe it as the must-have center of your smart home.

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

(Rachio 3 smart sprinkle controller on a wall, photo from Rachio website.)

Smart tech is not only focused on the indoors, the outdoors has been given the smart treatment too. Make your yard smart with Rachio's smart watering products with this fairly simple device that can be very useful especially during the hot summers. The smart schedule changes so that Rachio automatically adjusts for the weather and season, great for saving water and keeping all your plants healthy. It can support all yards and is designed to help you care for any type of landscape regardless of where you live. All this is easy to use from your smartphone from the app that allows for smart watering while you are away, creating a schedule around your needs.

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

(Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera Rendering, photo found on Amazon)

Looking for the easiest and most effective way of keeping our home secure? Arlo’s Pro 4 series 2K HDR security camera can offer you clear detailed video and audio while easily zooming in on objects with a high level of clarity. It has a wide 160-degree viewing angle to give you the best view of your property. It benefits from color night vision and uses an integrated spotlight that illuminates to capture and identify unique details. It also has other important features including an easy install and recharges wire-free design. You can install it with a convenient magnet mount and fast charging battery. It is extremely weather resistant too, with certification for all year-round security.

It offers the smart way to go as it is compatible with Apple Homekit1, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, staying connected from anywhere thanks to an easy wifi connection. It features its own app and security plan called Arlo Secure which can do a number of things on a smartphone including receiving alerts from object detection, looking at video history for past events, quickly responding with intelligent alerts, and creating activity zones to reduce unwanted notifications, communicating with visitors with 2-way audio right and triggering a siren from the camera automatically or manually from the app. Overall you can do quite a lot with the app to make sure that your property and the people living there are always safe and secure.