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heyplus Watch Comes To Heyup!!

We are super happy to announce that we are bringing the heyplus Watch, Watch Air, and Runner Air to the Heyup Store!

The heyplus Watch

This is a great little smartwatch with a great little name if we dare say so. Feature-wise, the heyplus Watch boasts up to an amazing 21 days of battery life, a 1.78” AMOLED Retina full display, 24-hour heart and blood oxygen monitoring, IP68 dust and waterproof, and hundreds of fitness apps and customizations for you to enjoy. To get a detailed list of all of the features for the heyplus Watch, just go to our store and check out all the details there. The best part though, it is only $99! 

heyplus Watch Air

Starting at the awesome price of just $39.99, the Watch Air is a slimmed-down, lighter version of the heyplus Watch. With only 9.9mm of thickness, it’s easy to forget that this watch is even on your arm, be it while you working, working out, or even sleeping. Though its battery is understandably less it can still go a full week on a charge. It also still has some of our favorite features from the heyplus Watch, like the 24-hour heart and blood oxygen monitoring and hundreds of different fitness apps at your disposal. With all of those features and at that price, it’s a very good deal that is super hard to pass up and we think you’ll love it.

heyplus Runner Air

Watches aren’t the only thing that heyplus makes, they also make great portable audio devices for you to enjoy while you’re out and about, be it out hiking, going for a walk, or working out. Using bone conducting technology, the Runner Airs is a super safe, open-ear design, so you can enjoy your music to your heart's content while still clearly hearing your surroundings. They are also lightweight and super comfortable so they are not distracting at all while you are working out or focusing on work. Lasting for up to 6 hours on one charge, they’re good to go for your entire workout routine and then some or for when you’re out hiking the trails all day. They also have 8GB of memory so you can enjoy totally offline. But wait, it still gets better.

Best part? It’s only $29 on our Heyup Store!

The Recent heyplus Watch Tryout

You may be familiar with the heyplus brand and the heyplus Watch in particular. No worries, you are not experiencing deja vu or something, not too long ago we held a very successful Tryout Program for the heyplus Watch. If you’re curious about what our testers thought of the heyplus Watch in that Tryout, you can catch up on it with this quick review wrap-up we wrote. Such as rbmotox who said “The Heyup watch is a great watch overall. Fit and finish are excellent. It can be worn comfortably all day and night with no issues. Workout apps and health apps appear to be accurate. Battery life is very good.” after getting the Watch and testing it himself. You can read his whole review here


Overall, the heyplus Watch got scored 4.5 out of 5 among our testers. Scoring so high was actually a big reason why we decided to add the heyplus Watch and other heyplus products to the Heyup Store. The ultimate reason though is that the company behind the heyplus brand was more than happy to hear all the feedback from your reviews and they acted on them, to make a better heyplus Watch! 

So congratulations, this is our ultimate goal with the Heyup Tryout program, to help ensure that you get the products that you will actually enjoy by having the opportunity to share your feedback to make it better. We did it, it’s awesome, and now we can all enjoy the success.