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Four Black Friday Purchasing Tips

Black Friday Heyup sales

It’s one thing to have your heart set on finally getting your hands on all your wishlist items, and it‘s a completely different story having to race everyone and their mother to the front of the line before the stock is cleared. Black Friday is finally around the corner, and although it’s an exciting retail experience, it can turn into an actual nightmare. You can minimize the stress and mayhem of the Black Friday rush by avoiding impulsive buying habits, and by being well-prepared using this list of Black Friday purchasing tips.

Plan Ahead

Most retailers have started to adopt the trend of commencing or advertising their Black Friday sales well in advance of the actual date. This is to help shorten the queues in-store or online on the actual day, but it also helps consumers to start coordinating the big shopping trip. It’s easier to have a list to refer to, even if you’re only buying two big items, and then start shopping around for the best deal. In October, Adobe released an online shopping report that predicts November 24th to be the best day to shop for electronics, and November 25th as the perfect time to get yourself a new TV. If you have a new computer or laptop on your shopping list, the best time to buy one would be on Cyber Monday, November 28th. 

Create a Budget and Compare Prices

Stick to a set amount of money and don’t overspend. Before you even decide what to buy first, and where to start shopping for it, make a realistic budget so it’s easier to track your savings. Most consumers fall into the trap of looking at the “money saved”, and often don’t consider how much the actual item is worth and if they’re really saving in the long run. According to an article written by the Duncan Financial Group, retailers offer in-store discounts of around 20 percent in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, with the discount rising to around 37 percent for Black Friday.

Compare Items, Especially Electronics

New tech is brought into the market almost annually, and Black Friday is the best time to get new items at a discounted price. However, always consider the fact that last year’s items are still relatively new, and you could get them for an even lower price than the latest release if you plan your shopping trip well. Some websites are dedicated to monitoring the price history of various items or retailers, such as CamelCamelCamel which provides information on the prices on Amazon.

Prepare Your Online Shopping Profile

Shopping online is a certified way to avoid physical queues, but the reality is that online stores can also get crowded and cause the system to work slowly. To save yourself time at the check-out counter, Which? advises that you register your online account and fill in all your credentials beforehand, including your preferred payment method. In this way, you can just add items to your cart and be ready to check out almost immediately. In addition to making their discounts available online, a great number of retailers and manufacturers offer exclusive discounts to their online subscribers. Discounts and specials are advertised throughout the year, so it won’t necessarily be a waste of time after Black Friday has passed. 

It Only Happens Once a Year

Hopefully, all the money put away throughout the year, and preparations made for Black Friday don’t all go to waste, and you actually get to bring your items home. I’m most excited about Sunday the 28th, the day that Adobe predicts will have the best prices on clothing. What are the items you’re most excited to own? Join the discussion and share your thoughts and comments with the Heyup community.