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A Little Lost In Your Search For Good Earbuds?


Are you looking for some new earbuds or headphones but not sure which to get? No worries, we’ve all been there, and with a sea of options out there, it can be hard to find something you like. We have to often think of a specific attribute that we want the most in our earbuds and then start looking for earbuds that match what we want most. So, what are you looking for in your earbuds?


What To Look For In Earbuds?

The main attributes when shopping for earbuds I would say are:

  • Sound quality
  • Comfort
  • Connectivity
  • Style
  • Design
  • Battery life
  • And of course, Price


That’s quite the list of things to keep in mind. But really, you just need to pick one that matters most to you and then figure out your budget. Thankfully earbuds are usually very affordable unless you’re going the Apple route because nothing from Apple is cheap.


Some Examples Of Our Shopping Experience.

For myself, I value comfort a lot, perhaps even more than sound quality. I know, I’m crazy, I can foresee the comments in the forum about it already. But that’s just the way I am. I value comfortable earbuds personally and thus I really like the earbuds that just rest in my ears like the Apple AirPods or the open-ear-designed earbuds like the Oladance ones or bone conduction headphones. Sadly because of their design, they will not have much noise cancellation and thus the sound quality may not be as great as they could be, but I like them. And it has been surprised to find earphones that match my requirements within my budget. For example, the heyplus Runner Airs are just $29 and you can buy them right now from the Heyup Store. Awesome ya? 


heyplus Runner Airs, Available in the Heyup Store

If sound quality is your number one thing, then I guess you’ll need to take a hit and go for the Apple AirPods Pro. They just sound amazing, have great noise cancellation, and even have a transparency mode for when you are outside and need to hear your surroundings. The only downside is they are not ideal for Android devices, but they still work pretty well. If you aren’t an Apple person at all, I would suggest taking a look at the Samsung Buds+. They may not have noise cancellation but they still sound great, have a great, snug fit so they don’t fall out, they have a transparency feature as well, and as icing on the cake can charge wirelessly.


Now if you care a little more about how flashy they are or aren’t flashy at all, you can’t go wrong with the new Nothing ear(1)s. Their transparent design will differently catch the eye of anyone who should notice them. But they gotta see them first since they are transaprent after all. They are also super small and deliver a good sound as well. We’ll get a chance to see what others think of them soon enough if not already as people are trying them out as we speak and giving their reviews on them at our Heyup Community


Nothing Ear(1), Available for Tryout on Heyup Community

What Earphones Do You Love?

These are just our suggestions when looking for great earphones, so we are likely to have missed a few. What does everyone else love? Tell us about them in our Heyup Community, you never know when what you share on the forum might help someone else.