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Jya Fjord Air Purifier Filter Bundle

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  • Large Area Coverage: Refresh the air for a 31m² - 54m² room,
    Clean Air Delivery Rate (450m³/hour), TVOC Clean Air Delivery Rate (150m³/hour)
  • Powerful Purification: NanoGuard™ Technology with UV Sterilization
  • Premium and Detachable Body Design with LED Display, It is not only a household appliance but also a piece of home decoration art
  • Quiet Operations: Operates at just 18.8 dB in sleep mode
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit


Customer Reviews

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Quiet and Works Great

All I can say is WOW this is one really nice air purifier. I got rid of the one I was using. This one will also allow you to see the air quality. It can be set to automatic so as the air quality changes it will adjust to how much it has to run and how hard to run. It can also be set so you can control it. The LED screen is very nice with a lot of functions. You can turn down the light if it bothers you which is a nice touch. It has easy access to open it to get to the filter. It is extremely quiet. Along with the app that can help you to control it this is really a step ahead of the rest in air purifying.

Invisible Pollutants Are Visible Threats To Your Health

How it works?

99.99% of things you don't need in the air, gone.


Escherichia Coli (E.Coli)


Staphylococcus aureus


Streptococcus pneumoniae


PM 2.5

H1N1 virus


TVOC (CADR 150m³/h)

UV Sterilization, One More Guard.

Intelligent Air Quality Sensing

Laser Particle Sensor

PM 10 and PM 2.5 Particles

Gas Sensor

TVOC Gas Sensor

Environment Sensor

Temperature and Humidity

Convenient Touch Controls



Filter Life

Made for Your (smart) Home

The Best Automatic Mode Possible

Premium Build Quality

Go-anywhere Wheels