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OSOTEK Horizon H200 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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- Maneuverable 180° Flat & Front LED Lights

- Vacuum & Mop & Wash 3 in 1

- Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

- Ultra-wide Roller Brush Design

- Automated Self-Cleaning

- Smart Digital Display & Helpful Voice Prompts


Key Features

The machine is compressed to 4.3 inches, and with the front LED lights, and can be fully horizontally reclined, making it easy to track and clean the hidden fine dust and dirt under and behind furniture like couches or beds.

Maneuverable 180° Flat & Front LED Lights

Innovative continuous track-wheel roller brush design, superior cleaning power makes the ground contact area 3 times the usual, more efficiently to clean your home and anti-winding.

Ultra-wide Roller Brush Design

It fully cleans every cornor and edges of your home with the 2-Sides eage brush head design. Never miss a dirty spot or stains.

Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

Smart LED screen displays and monitor the cleaning performance. And the whole cleaning process is guided by voice prompt, users can easily master the using method of machine. Easy to operate and suitable for various ages.

Smart Digital Display & Helpful Voice Prompts

Simply press button, and then the roller brush can be cleaned entirely in the base station. No need to remove components or wash the dirty roller brush by yourself.

Automated Self-Cleaning

It can vacuum, mop and wash at the same time, and cleans all types of sealed hard floor surfaces, including hardwood, laminate, linoleum, tile, vinyl, marble, and more.

Vacuum & Mop & Wash 3 in 1