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Hey, Get Up and be Ready for Back to School

Last week we did a little blurb about some of the cool things we found to help you get ready for the new school year, some things you maybe didn’t think of, like how are you gonna carry your tasty lunch to school this year and keep your hot chocolate hot? You can get check it out if you missed it here. But today I wanted to share some fantastic deals that we’re running right here on the Heyup Store to help you get ready for school with some of our own Back To School deals.


The Back To School Deal

A whole swath of our Heyup Store will be on sale for $20 off until September 9th! To enjoy this deal, be sure to use the code BTS20OFF at checkout. This deal includes a lot of our products that the Heyup community already knows and loves, like the Boxe mini smart projector or the heyplus Watch. But there is also a sleuth of new products on the Heyup Store now if you haven’t been paying attention to it, so many in fact there are too many to list here, so you’ll just have to go take a look for yourself. For the products that will have the Back-To-School $20 off deal though, I can list those here for you, so let’s take a look at them, shall we?


$20 Off For Our Trusty Boxe

Boxe Projector, a mini smart projector, featuring 1080P and 4k projection.

Get that theater experience either at home or at the dorms this school with Heyup Boxe. Be the popular kid in school with the best portable projector for movies and TV shows. That is why for the Back To School deal, we are helping you save $20 when you buy Boxe or the Boxe Bundle.


Stay On Time For Class With The heyplus Watch Deal

heyplus Watch, a budget smart watch for health monitor and time checking.

The heyplus Watch was a big hit with everyone in the Heyup Community during the Heyup Tryout and now you can get at a killer deal. It’s a great smartwatch really. It has over a hundred work-out modes, it monitors your blood oxygen and heart rate for over 24 hours, is IP68 water and dust proof and has over 21 days of battery life. This is a tank of a health-focused smartphone that any health-focused individuals out there would love to have.


Back To School Deal For New Products!

Now for the fun part, all the new products we are putting up on the Heyup Store just in time for this new deal! 


Black Shark Gaming Smartphones 

Black Shark 5 Pro, a smartphone specialized for gaming.

First thing first, we got gaming smartphones, that’s right GAMING smartphones. We’re introducing the new Black Shark 5 Pro along with the Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro. Besides running the best hardware you can find in a smartphone and more RAM than my personal PC, what makes them gaming smartphones? The specialized gaming features include the built-in physical shoulder triggers and a special game mode you turn on to enjoy your games to the max. 


Great Time To Get The Nothing ear(1)

Nothing Ear (1), a wireless earbuds famous for its transparent design.

These fancy transparent earbuds from Nothing will be going up on the Heyup Store and they will be part of the Back To School deal too! So if you weren’t able to test these out in our last Tryout but still want them, now is a great chance to buy yourself a pair. 


New Smartmi Products For Back To School

Smartmi Fan 3, a smart fan that allows smart voice control with a LED panel. 

Since making your home more comfortable is always at the forefront of everyone’s to-do list, especially for those university students, we’ve added a couple of Smartmi products to our store to make things more comfortable. We’ve added a Smartmi fan to help you stay comfy for these last few weeks of summer until the winter months come back. Since a clear head is key for those good grades, it is equally important to have clean, clear air in your home or room, thus we added the Smartmi air purifier as well to our store with the back-to-school deal. Speaking of air purifiers


Jya Fjord Air Purifier

 Jya Fjord, an air purifier that changes the air every 15 minutes. 

We are also adding the fancy Jya Fjord Air Purifier to the Heyup Store and to the Back To School deal for everyone to enjoy. The Jya Fjord Air Purifier is now available on our Tryout Program and we look forward to hearing everyone’s opinions on it but we’re so confident that everyone will like that we also added a few to our store for others to go ahead and grab right now. 


Quick Reminder On How You Can Save

Use the code BTS20OFF at checkout so you can enjoy this fantastic back-to-school deal. This deal will end on September 9th, so don’t wait and make the best of it now.