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Nothing Ear (stick) Wireless Earbuds

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The Nothing Ear (Stick) is a pair of truly wireless earbuds with an open design that emphasizes environmental awareness and reduces the feeling of clogged ears.

Customer Reviews

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Preston McCabe
Nothing buds

These buds are amazing. They have nice crisp sound. The base is really good and honestly think there worth the price.

Giulio Strano Strano
Nothing Ear (stick)

Nice design of both the buds and the case, nice gimmick, but the earbuds don’t fit my ear well and the sound experience is average at best, not worth the price in my opinion. Everything else is pretty great though: perfect connection to the phone, the app is great with nice options of customization, call quality is good and the build quality is also pretty good.
Not a bad product by any means, just a bad value.

Tobias Pöllath
Great wireless headphones for the price!

I really like the Nothing year(Stick).

First of all the design is beautiful and the quality of case and headphones is really good. I also like that the case doesn‘t open accidentally as you need to twist it in order to access the headphones.

Secondly, the sound quality is great and I like that you can easily adjust the EQ with the app. (You can also update the headphones very easily with the app)

I can definitely recommend these to everyone who‘s looking for in-ear headphones without active noice cancellation.